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Updated: Aug 29

About three weeks ago I followed a nudging I had been getting to take some time away from social media. This was in the midst of the many social issues happening in our world. I had been on social media since 2009 by way of Facebook and Instagram and have made many new friends, connected with old friends, able to keep intouch with loved ones near and far. My experience has been mostly positive I can say. I started to notice however that it was becoming a major distraction for me and my family in reaching goals we had set for ourselves.

At the time, my family and I were in recovery from several major events that affected us mostly mentally and secondly physically; and so the complex topics at the forefront of social media was sending our focus in the wrong direction. I decided to listen to the nudging and also to encourage my family to take some time off to calibrate and regain our focus.

We took inventory on my connections, activities, and focus. WE eliminated anything that we felt was a distraction and incorporated connections, activities, and a focus on things that bring us peace, balance, love, power, and a sound mind. We realized that everything that keeps us balanced are the things and people that vibrate at the same frequency as we do. Some things were just not a good connection, some people where just not a good connection and so we made decisions that helped us to get back into our Freedomspace.

Freedomspace is constantly evolving, but its foundation and formation remains a guiding focus of what we are about.

I founded Freedomspace October 7, 1994, during a life-altering experience. I was drug mulled in Bangkok Thailand at the young age of 20 yrs old, gave birth to my firstborn son there and had several traumatic experiences within that experience. I was given a death sentence which was quickly reduced to life (100 yrs); but I was required to stay in Thailand's worst female prison for 9 yrs as part of a stipulation in the US/Thailand Transfer Treaty. It was during these challenging times that I developed ways of coping and empowering others all centered on Holistic Health and Freedomspace was born!

Prior to my experience my life centered around various forms of expression (Dance, Art, Fitness, Poetry), it was natural for me to use my creativity as a way to make it through my most difficult life challenge.

I was released from prison in February of 2003; I had many experiences during and after worth telling about, but they eventually led me to the field of Health Education. I pursued higher education and obtain my Bachelors in Business Administration, Masters in Health Education and am currently pursuing my Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) in Health Education & Promotion.

My experience in Thailand is embedded in my daily life. I have tried to live apart from it and function apart from it, but It is not even possible. I have known from the time of my experience that my life-long journey would consist of empowering, educating, inspiring others in positive health behavior and being a catalyst to others in being their authentic selves.

This is Freedomspace!

Freedomspace is a platform that provides Health and Wellness, Live and pre-recorded classes/content all centered on Holistic Health (Movement, Art, Education & Nutrition). We also promote Herbal Life products, Doterra Essential Oils, and EBK Apothecary.

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