Freedomspace Programs are developed to promote positive and sustainable Health behavior change in individuals. We accomplish this through the use of sound research and evidence-based resources and tools.  Freedomspace sources its information, research, and tools from reputable Health and Wellness entities and works together with other credible organizations in promoting and protecting the well-being of our communities.


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Freedomspace Fitness & Nutrition provides guidance in integrative Fitness, evidence-based nutrition information, and quality supplemental products. 

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It takes discipline, respect, and a will to do the things that are good for you. When you take care of yourself, you will have more energy to take care of others. Check out tips and guides on self-care strategies...

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YGOC (Young Girls of Color) HEALTH & WELLNESS 

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Our Mental Health program provides education and resources to help eliminate stigma, increase health literacy and encourage informed decisions about mental health care and treatments, that lead to healthy Minds amongst People of Color.

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Vibe & Flow is a practice that is both a workout and a meditation in the same breath. Dance teaches us a lot about life and can help to free us from fixed perceptions about people, places, and objects. Through Vibe & Flow you will discover freedom rooted in spontaneity and unleash the dynamic healing power of movement.

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Our Arts & Expression program aims to utilize art as a medium to educate and inspire others towards healing, good health, and self-realization. We believe this world can be enriched and given a voice through art.

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