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Freedomspace Fitness & Nutrition provides guidance in movement, evidence-based nutrition information, and quality supplemental products.  We believe that these components are essential to mindfulness, creativity, healing, and balance.  We offer a variety of content and resources to help you reach your mind and body goals such as weight loss, muscle tone, flexibility, knowledge, stress reduction, and improved health.


Nutrition is an important factor in maintaining good health, yet for many, this is also the most challenging area and may be due to food insecurity, unhealthy food choices, or low nutrition literacy. Because of these and other factors, we may not be getting all we need in order to stay in good health and so supplements are sometimes necessary. This becomes more of a challenge because there are so many supplements available that its hard to know what to choose, which brands you can trust, and also supplements can be expensive.  


In order to help consumers in this area, Freedomspace offers trusted Supplemental products and Nutrition Education from reputable companies such as Herbalife. We chose Herbalife as one of the supplement companies we promote and support because of their goals, values, and approach that closely match ours. 


Are you looking for guidance and support to help you reach your Healthy Weight and Nutrition goals? Click on the link below that best describes your Weight and Nutrition goals:


Fitness & Movement go hand in hand with good health. Freedomspace provides guidance, tips, and content on Fitness & Movement through our live and pre-recorded workouts.


We provide a variety of fitness & movement modalities to encourage fun, creativity, and euphoria. Tooshay guides you to go beyond just the movement itself and tap into the energy behind it. Check out our Content Library for a variety of videos from workouts, health education, Dance and Movement Artists spotlights, and more...

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