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                        My Healthy Nutrition Journey 

by Tooshay

I started my health nutrition journey when I was about 14 yrs old by taking an interest in Nutrition, Aerobics, and Bodybuilding. In the early years of my nutrition regimen I took on a vegetarian diet, but it was not the healthiest one. From that time, I continued to learn about Health and Nutrition but was very much a novice at the time. 

My journey has continued but has evolved as I have gone through many stages such as becoming a mother, aging, being under extreme stress, and having a busy schedule. My personal nutrition knowledge and needs have changed and continue to change. 

I currently work with a variety of clients from those who want to lose weight, to those who want more knowledge on balanced nutrition.  I like to empower individuals to make informed decisions about their nutrition and health, not based on fads and trends but curated to their specific needs and goals. 


I provide support to my clients, evidence-based information, provide details on my role, what to expect, recipes, fitness tips, videos, and more........

The top 20 Nutrition Myths

Scrolling through social media, reading your favorite magazine, or visiting popular websites exposes you to endless information about nutrition and health — most of which is incorrect.

Even qualified health professionals, including doctors and dietitians, are to blame for spreading misinformation about nutrition to the public, adding to the confusion.

Here are 20 of the biggest myths related to nutrition, and why these antiquated beliefs need to be put to rest.....more