Art Dealer


What kind of materials do you use in your Art?

I am a believer that Everything is Art; what that means to me is that any and everything can be turned into a piece of Art. I typically use Acrylic Paints, Pencils, old magazines, Gesso, Canvas, and wood for my art; however I am always exploring new types of materal to use. My goal is to use eco-friendly materials.

How much does your Art cost?

The prices of my are varies depending on the size, materials, and difficulty of the concept. Originals cost more than prints, however both are done with archival materials, which simply means that the materials used are of a higher quality and are sustainable throughout he years, with no fading or chipping of your Art piece.

Do you do portraits?

I do not do portraits, however my Art can be described as Abstract, Cultural, Zen, Afro-Centric, Caricature, and Afro Punk inspired

Do you do commissioned work?

I do commissioned work based on the following requirements:

-Must request within/up to 2 weeks prior to deadline/need

- Down payment of 1/2 the cost of the Art is due upon order confirmation

-Balance owed is due upon completion and acknowledgement of satisfaction with Art (*Order is shipped following order acknowledgement.

Shipping Art

Cost of shipping is not included in base price of order. Shipping cost is base on your Zip code area. Shipping is calculated based on standard shipping rates.

Art prints and Originals

Prints are available in basic print, Giclée (Most popular), on Canvas, and other materials.

Art Sizes

Custom Framing

Sip & Paint Workshop